What’s Your Colour!!…

A typical question you will get asked at least one time in your life is ‘what is your favourite colour?’

There are an infinite amount of colours in the world and different colours are very personal to us as individuals. Most people you come across in your life will have colours they love and colours they dislike.

When first deciding on colours for a new brand identity, many people will make this decision based on personal preference, but do not think about what that colour represents within their industry. So the question is, how do you select the right colour palette for your identity?

It is important to think about colour association when choosing a colour palette for your identity. For example, when BP (British Petroleum) rebranded in the year 2000, they opted to go with a green colour scheme, in an attempt to win over environmentally aware consumers. The colour green represents an ethos of being environmentally friendly, and this reflects BP’s commitment to ‘changing the world of tomorrow’.

Another factor, which comes in to play when selecting a colour palette for an identity, is ensuring that your selected colours compliment each other. Sometimes there is very little thought process into how identities are going to work in black and white, or how it will look when it is photocopied. When creating an identity, you should always ensure that it works in greyscale and black and white. It is also imperative to ensure that your identity represents the values and image of your company. Imagine what your Logo colour will look like in ten years’ time, so whilst bright and impactful colours may look great and be in fashion now, they also need to last the test of time.

A strong confident brand should not be changed every couple of years and neither should its chosen colours within the brand unless of course, you have a selection of colours from the offset for different products etc, which again should be decided at the beginning.

This leads me to your Style Guide or Branding Bible as we call it in our industry… More of this next time…