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Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid, NEL supports victims and survivors of domestic abuse by offering refuge accomodation, one-to-one confidential support and telephone support.

Services included:
– Design for Print
– Website Design and Development

Womens Aid Logo

Women’s Aid provide domestic abuse services to victims, agencies, families and the community of North East Lincolnshire. Women’s Aid originally approached The Creative Agency to rebuild their website as the previous site had an overly complicated navigation flow and the back end of the website was difficult to use; meaning that content couldn’t be updated via the Content Management System.

Women’s Aid required a website partner that would respond quickly to any technical queries and provide friendly support whenever required. Administration of the site needed to be very easy for the Women’s Aid staff and allow members to easily edit the content, publish news and upload vacancies. All content revisions are stored meaning any changes can be rolled back by the staff if required.

The website needed to be very user friendly and easily navigable as it provides information on a very serious topic. From a user perspective, the website is used by women in need of help to obtain useful resources and to assist in matters of urgency. The website also features a button permanently visible at the top of the screen, allowing users to quickly hide the site if required. Following the successful completion of the new website, Women’s Aid NEL have since commissioned The Creative Agency to assist with their offline marketing literature in the form of advertising leaflets for various events.