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The ultimate eco-friendly space-saving hanger you didn’t know you needed.

Services Included:
– Brand Strategy, PR & Marketing
– Brand Creation & Development
– Website Design & Development
– Design for Print
– Copywriting
– Social Media
– Video Production
– Photography & Art Direction

Well Hung proudly stands as a ground-breaking innovation in the realm of clothes hangers. As one of the world’s first space-saving hangers, each meticulously crafted product showcases a commitment to sustainability.

Building upon our successful collaborations with the company directors on previous projects, Creative was honoured to be entrusted with the end-to-end brand creation for the upcoming venture. Through our established relationships and proven track record, we proudly earned the contract, solidifying our position as the preferred partner to bring their brand vision to life.

Throughout the project, Creative was entrusted with several key areas, including Brand Strategy, PR & Marketing, Brand Creation & Development, Website Design & Development, Design for Print, Copywriting, Social Media, Video Production, Photography & Art Direction. Notably, our targeted social media advertisements played a pivotal role in driving a remarkable 75% increase in sales for Wellhung on their eCommerce platform.

Creative conducted an in-depth analysis of Wellhung’s target audience, market trends, and competitors to develop a robust brand strategy. Through a meticulous approach, we identified Wellhung’s unique selling propositions and defined their brand positioning. This strategy served as the foundation for all subsequent marketing efforts.

Once the initial research has been completed, Creative worked closely with Wellhung’s team to create a distinctive and cohesive brand identity. Through collaborative workshops and research, we developed a compelling brand story, logo, and visual elements that resonated with Wellhung’s target audience. The result was a brand identity that exuded professionalism, quality, and trustworthiness.

After the brand had been constructed and finalised, Creative designed and developed a user-friendly, visually striking eCommerce website for Wellhung. Focusing on intuitive navigation and responsive design, we ensured a seamless user experience across all devices. The website showcased Wellhung’s products, highlighted their unique selling points, and facilitated online purchases, ultimately driving conversions and revenue growth.

To supplement the launch of the website, Creative’s design team produced captivating print materials, including product packaging, that aligned with Wellhung’s brand identity. The aesthetically pleasing designs showcased Wellhung’s products and conveyed their commitment to quality and innovation.

Our talented copywriters crafted persuasive and engaging content for Wellhung’s marketing collateral, website, and social media channels. By effectively communicating Wellhung’s value proposition and product benefits, Creative’s copywriting team contributed to increased brand awareness and customer engagement. As an integral part of the project, Creative ran targeted social media advertisements for Wellhung. Leveraging demographic and interest-based data, we reached Wellhung’s ideal customers and effectively conveyed the brand’s unique selling points. This strategic approach resulted in a remarkable 75% increase in sales, validating the effectiveness of our social media campaigns.

To further enhance the brand, Creative produced a high-quality feature video which included script writing that showcased Wellhung’s products in action and its unique selling points as a product. By creating visually compelling narratives, we effectively communicated Wellhung’s brand story and value proposition. These videos were leveraged across various marketing channels, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

Creative’s photography and art direction services captured the essence of Wellhung’s products and brand. Through professional product photography and creative art direction, we created visually stunning imagery that resonated with Wellhung’s target audience. These visuals were used across marketing materials, further enhancing the brand’s visual appeal and credibility.

Our partnership with Wellhung demonstrated the power of a comprehensive marketing and branding approach. Through meticulous brand strategy, effective PR and marketing campaigns, website design, print materials, captivating copywriting, social media advertisements, video production, and photography, Creative successfully elevated Wellhung’s brand presence and significantly boosted sales by 75%. Wellhung’s collaboration with Creative served as a testament to the agency’s expertise in delivering outstanding results and driving business growth.