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The Counting House

A venue that, despite its fresh appearance, already feels like home.

Services included:
– Art Direction
– Brand Strategy, PR and Marketing
– Copywriting and Content Marketing
– Design for Print
– Social Media

The Counting House logo

Situated within the heart of Sea View Street, Cleethorpes, The Counting House is a venue to relax, enjoy a drink and share some good food.

The Creative Agency was first approached by The Counting House for assistance with their design requirements, with a view to creating advertising campaigns for their hectic schedule of events.

Due to the extensive amount of campaigns, it’s imperative that our design work remains fresh – so we are always experimenting and evolving with the initial design style.

As our partnership has grown, The Creative Agency continues to work closely with The Counting House on a multitude of projects – creating marketing collateral assets such as menus, banners and point-of-sale advertisements for both online and offline media.

Whether you are just starting your night, or finishing up for the evening, we wouldn’t recommend visiting anywhere else in Cleethorpes for cocktails, food and a little boogie.

Restaurant Menu Design and Printing
Various Promotional Counting House Brochures