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Coppice Performing Arts

Located within Wolverhampton, Coppice are a key member of the Central Learning Partnership and aim to provide every student with the opportunity for personal development.

Services included:
– Brand Identity
– Design for Print
– Focus Group
– Photography

Due to the multi-million pound rebuild project at Coppice, The Creative Agency was chosen as the agency to re-brand Coppice School following the success of similar projects within the area of Wolverhampton. Our brief was to re-brand the School starting with the logo and then apply it consistently across a wide range of marketing materials. After several focus groups, and student consultation feedback was then given to The Creative Agency to create a brand that met all of the desired needs of the school.

Coppice Prospectus on Purple background.

The research showed by all members that there was a need for a creative identity, which highlighted the fact that Coppice was different to any other performing arts school. From this we used a purple swoosh element combined with a star, which sat alongside the new strap line ‘Dream Believe Achieve’. Using very strict branding guidelines, the school brand continues to be very prominent within the area of Wolverhampton. Each area of the school is colour co-ordinated, using set Pantone references advised by The Creative Agency. The brand was delivered efficiently meeting all of the client’s needs.

Coppice Colour Palette page of the prospectus.