Website Design & Development

With mobile Internet browsing on smartphones and tablets overtaking static desktop browsing, it has never been more essential for your website to look good and function well on different devices.

Google recently changed the way it ranks websites online. If your website is not what is termed “mobile friendly” then you could be downgraded in search return results on Google.

A ‘Responsive Website’ has a fluid framework that adapts your site to fit any screen dimension, ensuring that the user experience is faster and smoother over all platforms. We have experience working with organisations all over the country and personally pride ourselves in creating tailored web solutions that fit any budget.

Our meticulous design process involves consultation with you, site planning, pre-testing, implementation and training. We work closely with you from start to finish and beyond, to achieve design and functionality that will suit your needs perfectly. As you would expect all our sites are built using the latest industry standard content management system.

Design for Print

High quality design and print underpins all our work – after all, great design, words and pictures are wasted if the printing isn’t up to scratch. We always offer a wide choice of environmentally friendly printing materials and use only tried and tested printers for all projects.

Whether you need a new brochure, or a complete brand identity, we believe in ‘communication driven design’ rather than ‘design driven communication’. Our experienced design team provides a broad range of design and marketing solutions, including corporate identity, branding, brochures, exhibition stands, advertising and anything else you can throw at us.

PR and Marketing

Marketing was once seen as one way, with organisations broadcasting their offerings and value proposition. Now it is seen more and more as a conversation between marketers and customers and a way to gain competitive advantage.

Our goal is to create campaigns that are effective and consistent across different media platforms. We will prepare a communication strategy for your organisation and its products/services that will provide the long term direction for all your marketing activities.

We believe that communications strategies should be directly related to your organisation’s marketing objectives; they must be achievable using the allocations available in the marketing and communications budgets and once implemented, they should not be changed unless major new events occur. i.e. changes in the marketplace, new competitive forces, or new promotional opportunities.

Logo Design and Branding

Your corporate identity will be the first impression of your brand that is seen amongst your stakeholders. A logo is a symbolic representation of your organisation and as such, it is essential to get right.

At The Creative Agency we work with you to create a strong visual identity, whether modern or traditional, which will express everything you are and want to be seen as.

Our services follow a very successful and structured formula. We are branding specialists and can draw on our extensive experience to develop existing brands or create new ones employing contemporary or traditional design.

Our ‘complete package’ embodies our ability to consult and engage in order to create or remodel existing brands to the highest standards.


People say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and we agree.

Your brand is reliant on great imagery, people buy into what looks good, and if they are not buying into you, there is a good chance that your photography is not on point.

Capturing an image that will be remembered is an art. Luckily, it’s one that our award-winning photographers have mastered.

We are fortunate to have photographers on our team who have vast experience in creating images for a whole range of different sectors. Photography is not just about taking photographs; it’s about using sophisticated techniques to produce images that will inspire.