North Lincs Rural Training Group are a team of training organisers that offer land-based Agricultural training courses around the area of Lincolnshire. North Lincs Rural Training Group first contacted The Creative Agency for assistance in getting the word out to potential clients who were not aware of their services, or the multitude of courses they offer. After initial consultation, it was very clear that a website was required!

The new website for North Lincs Rural Training Group is designed with a stunning combination of greens used from the identity and uses images from the surrounding areas of Lincolnshire, keeping a local identity and giving a real sense of rural life and friendly feel. The website itself showcases the extensive range of courses available via the group and has detailed information on all courses throughout the site. Because of the amount of courses available, ease of navigation around the site was paramount. To make things easier for the end user, The Creative Agency put the courses into alphabetised categories supplemented with a search bar, ensuring that the user could navigate to the correct course with ease.

The new site included in-house training for its users and on-going technical support on a regular basis.

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Carolyn Vickers-Lingard
Training Organiser

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