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Whether you want to increase your student intake, or simply shout about how brilliant you are, we build effective and strategic communication campaigns that engage audiences and set you apart from your competition.

Your school’s brand

A large part of what forms a reputation and brand image comes through a School’s communications, service offering and the many other ways in which it presents itself to parents, students and other stakeholders. It is important to ensure that a School is branded in a way that clearly communicates its values.

A school should use its brand (vision, mission, values and identity) to:

  • Persuade parents, students and other stakeholders that it is the ‘School of choice’.
  • Underpin marketing and PR activities.
  • Attract the most talented teachers.
  • Guide its behaviour – making the link between its brand and what it does on a daily basis.

We have extensive experience in creating and developing successful brands in the education sector, that ensures an organisations reputation is positively built and consistently maintained.

How can we help? Your school brand has qualities and characteristics that make it unique. We identify those characteristics and then communicate them consistently to achieve brand recognition amongst all your stakeholders. Your school only has one chance to make a first impression, so you have to get it right.

Your school’s marketing

We will work with you to ensure that your PR and marketing strategy communicates your brand and achieves your objectives.

We will work with you to create greater awareness of your School and, through strategic research, create compelling messages for all your stakeholders i.e. parents, teachers, students, the media and opinion formers.

The messaging will take the form of a series of powerful primary and secondary messages that will communicate your unique value proposition in a clear, concise and compelling way that is easily understood by its different stakeholder groups.

Your school’s PR

“PR equals reputation.”

Many parents make decisions about a School for their children based upon its reputation. Reputation is a measure, or metaphor, for intrinsic quality and the reputation of a School constitutes its most valuable asset.

Schools are becoming increasingly aware of their reputation in the community and are working positively to ensure there is a school-wide approach against the backdrop of:

  • The competitive nature of many schools in overlapping catchment areas.
  • The knock-on effect of student recruitment on school finances.
  • The need to dispel negative publicity about Ofsted/ISI inspections.