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School Branding

Education specialists offering the complete package for schools and academies.

We build meaningful and relevant brands. All of our work is accompanied with a branding guidelines document, ensuring that your school brand is powerful and consistent.

Your identity

Your identity will be the first impression of your brand your stakeholders will see, for example on your signage, or a letter sent to parents.

A logo is a symbolic representation of your school and, as such, is very important. At The Creative Agency we work with you to create a strong visual identity, whether modern or traditional, which will express everything you are and want to be seen as.

Our services follow a very successful and structured formula. We are education specialists and can draw on our long experience of the sector to develop existing brands or create new ones employing contemporary or traditional design. Our ‘complete package’ embodies our ability to consult and engage in order to create or remodel an existing brand for schools within the state, independent or academy sectors.

Branding Guidelines

Your brand is one of your most important assets and the strength of your brand will be dependent on how consistently it is applied to your marketing materials. For this reason Branding Guidelines are very important. A branding guidelines document will help apply your new or current brand image to all your future communications.

By consistently applying the rules set out in a Branding Guidelines document, you will help to strengthen the identity of your school.

Logos designed for Schools