What’s Trending in 2020 for Graphic Design Agencies?

As you have probably noticed, the past few years in design have been dominated by bold colours, mind-bending gradients, and futuristic compositions But in 2020, the graphic design world is going to feel a lot more reserved, harmonious, and natural. It sounds like a contradiction, but simplicity will definitely shout loudest during 2020. The trend goes wider than graphic and brand design and relates to consumer behaviour. It’s something Apple has pioneered over the years, not only in the usability of its products but also through its packaging and brand position. This idea of space is everything. And it’s not only about simple design but simple communication. At The Creative Agency our team are always looking for inspiration to create new exciting designs to keep our clients in the lead of an ever growing competitive market place. We have always believed that less is more, however there are so many other factors to consider, for instance, does a simple design reflect our clients true personality and values, because although we totally agree that a simple design may look the part, we also have to be careful to make sure a this particular design will be received well by its audience. The average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions a day. American Psychologist George Mellor said that ‘seven plus or minus two’ bits of information is all we can comfortably be aware of at any one time. He said that in 1956. Add today’s multi-media onslaught, which well known to be distracting and hugely diminishing on our attention spans. It’s a noisy world. Nearly every brand we connect with now needs to be very simple and it needs to make its message crystal clear. According to what’s trending simplicity will be, in both design and communications, 2020s biggest trend. We feel that to truly hit the mark with inspirational design and branding we have to capture all that is great about our clients, mould this with a look that is going to inspire their future clients. By combining simplicity with a sound knowledge of how our clients need to be perceived we are looking forward to bringing our valued clients up to date across all their media requirements. Please get in touch … So to stay ahead of the curve, be sure to check out our testimonials.

The ONE thing you need to know about social media marketing (to stop you going mad)

Social media marketing can be daunting for any business. It’s especially the case if – like many of our clients – you’ve been quite happily running a business for decades and successfully advertising by traditional means. All of a sudden, everyone’s saying you MUST be on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn… …the list seems endless. Perhaps you’re a little overwhelmed by all the technology. Or you’re only just getting to grips with your smartphone, let alone ‘tagging people’ on Instagram. And more fundamentally, you might be thinking: why does your business even need it? You’ve been going along OK without having to tweet your every move. Why change now? Well, before we say anything else: let us reassure you… Contrary to what you’ve been told – you do NOT have to jump on every social media platform this minute. Don’t get us wrong: social media marketing is a HUGE opportunity for any business. It’s exciting. It’s still so new. And it’s where a lot of your potential customers are – so of course, it’s worth using. But it’s crucial you approach social media marketing in a calm, organised and strategic way. Here at The Creative Agency, we can help you do just that. We’ve been taking this approach for our clients for some time now and it’s working wonders…
  • We’re helping clients increase search engine optimised traffic to their websites…
  • We’re helping them provide value to existing customers...
  • And we’re helping them attract and engage new ones.
But this success all comes down to a sensible and steady approach we’re taking. Too often so-called marketing ‘gurus’ will tell you it’s make or break that you do everything now or you’ll miss out on the opportunity altogether. That is just not the case. Sure, social media marketing is fast moving and changing all the time. Some short-term trends come and go. That’s always been the case with all types of marketing. But if you pause to think about it in a logical way, it’s just more reason to take a strategic approach based on the needs of your business…not the needs of ever-changing social media platforms. You see when it comes to social media marketing – it’s important you base your strategy around YOUR business needs. Start by asking yourself a few simple questions If you’re a little unsure of how social media marketing could help your business… Or if you know you want to explore it but aren’t sure where to start… Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at The Creative Agency, as we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction. You can always call us on 01469 574947 or email here. Right now, though, if you’re thinking about doing some social media marketing or you’ve already started and finding it a struggle and strain… We recommend asking a few simple questions:
  1. Which platforms do our customers use? There is no point in using a youth-focused platform like Snapchat if your customers are mainly over 55 and retired. It’s not about using every platform; it’s about using the right ones.
  1. What do you want to communicate with your customers? Think here beyond ‘to sell your product or service’ and consider the kind of thing you want to tell them about. Do you want to show how your business works behind the scenes, or maybe provide some advice in your particular niche?
  1. How often do you want to communicate? The fastest way to fail at social media marketing is to do it without a schedule, as it will soon take over all your time. Social means being social, so you need to anticipate how much time you might need to interact if your marketing is successful.
  1. Who will do the communicating? You might wish to do all of your social media marketing as an individual, or you might prefer to do it all through the business. Neither option is wrong or right, but each will require a unique approach.
  1. What do you want to achieve? You need to establish one or two clear goals. If you’re looking to generate more leads, that will influence your message. If you want to use it purely for generating testimonials, that will require a different approach. Like any marketing channel, you should establish a return on investment the best way you can.
  Answer these questions for your business and you’ll already be on the way to establishing a good strategy for your social media marketing. Remember, just because it seems a little overwhelming and there’s so much noise out there, with different people telling you to do different things – there’s no need to panic. Social media marketing is just another way of reaching your customers and should be approached in just the same way you would approach any traditional marketing channel. To discover how we could help you develop a sensible and strategic social media marketing plan, you can get in touch on 01469 574947 or email here. Handled badly, social media marketing can become a chain around your businesses neck… But done properly – as we’ve seen for many of our clients – it has the power to transform your business and help take your success to a whole new level.

Celebrating a century of experience

Catfoss are a market leader in the manufacturing of bespoke modular construction, supplying sectors including NHS, Public, Construction, Commercial and Education. After an internal restructure and name change, Catfoss approached The Creative Agency for assistance with their branding, marketing and website design. As the existing brand lacked consistency in all areas, The Creative Agency proposed putting together a branding guidelines document to ensure that moving forward, all marketing collateral remained consistent. Following the completion of the style guide, the Catfoss website was next on the agenda and would go on to became one of our biggest projects to date. The website showcases a staggering amount of 40+ modular construction case studies (and counting) with some of the biggest companies in the world and features specification details of each project. The site is fully optimised and responsive ensuring that navigation across all media platforms remains flawless. The Creative Agency continue to work with Catfoss on a daily basis, putting together marketing collateral and also assisting with B2B sales strategy in their Catfoss Hire department. View the site See the case study here.