How to generate successful business returns with your website

When it comes to generating business, having an attractive and responsive website has never been more important. If a potential customer requires a service and hasn’t received a recommendation, the vast majority will turn to social media or search engines, such as Google, in order to find somebody who can provide what they are looking for. Websites can sometimes fall quickly off the Google map. However, they can also earn significant revenue if built and maintained correctly – like with local business, Lincolnshire Drainage Solutions, for whom we created a website that defied the odds to become a resounding success.

How we helped a small family-owned business reach the top ranking in Google

With the changing regulations surrounding septic tanks back in 2020, Mark Grantham and his family saw a lucrative business opportunity – and thus, Lincolnshire Drainage Solutions was born. Following advice from his son to ensure he had an online presence, Mark reached out to The Creative Agency to design a brand identity and a website where they could promote their drainage services. The Creative Agency turned this website around really quickly, and as well as the impressive visual aesthetics and ease of navigation required to curate the perfect end-user experience, we took search engine optimisation (SEO) into consideration from the very start of the project. By producing copy that included relevant keywords throughout, we’ve ensured the Lincolnshire Drainage Solutions website retains its position as the top search result on Google.

What this means for them

  • 95% of all business comes in from the website and they have received more enquiries than they’ll ever need, meaning they are able to carefully choose the work and clients they want to take on without worrying about loss of revenue. This is in contrast to word-of-mouth advertising, which is what they were previously relying on.
  • Sales have doubled year on year, and whilst their main target is based on acquiring local projects, Lincolnshire Drainage Solutions have even taken on contracts from customers as far reaching as Australia.
  • There is plenty of opportunity for expansion should they ever decide this is the direction they want to go in.

How we can help you

For a company like Lincolnshire Drainage Solutions, that specialises primarily in one-off jobs, having a steady stream of new business is an essential part of their marketing strategy and survival – and the website we built for them has ben proven to achieve exactly that over the past couple of years. Effectively utilising SEO within your online presence is highly advantageous, and our team are experts in ensuring that every website we build is not only stylish, user-friendly and responsive across multiple media platforms, but also achieves a high search engine ranking for maximum exposure. If you’re interested in taking your own business that step further and updating your website presence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.