The Power of Social Media and Why it’s Important for your Business

Social Media. Just about everyone you speak to accesses some form of it, whether posting selfies on Instagram, dancing on TikTok or engaging in heated debates in Facebook’s comments section. But there is so much more to it than that. Whether or not you like it, social media is the future of business marketing, and if you’re yet to set up an online presence, we would strongly recommend you think about doing so. As American business executive Beth Comstock puts it, “Be where the world is going”. Here are just three of the many reasons getting on social media can benefit your business prospects.  
  1. The Exposure

The art of conversation is far from a new concept, and your potential customers are likely itching to take to the internet to share their very important views with their friends and followers. Creating a discussion with and amongst the public is an invaluable method of exposure. If an influencer with a lot of backing writes a gushing post about your product or services with a link to your page (either organically or as a result of a deal), this tells thousands more people to check you out than traditional print marketing would alone. What’s more, if somebody shares your post, their followers will also see it, even if they’ve never heard of your business before that, which will in turn drive even more traffic towards your website. While other forms of marketing are still important on a more localized level, you won’t find a larger reach anywhere else.  
  1. Forming Connections and Building Trust

When it comes to social media followings, so many people get hung up on the numbers, and while this is definitely important in measuring the success of your campaign, it is not the only goal you should be striving for. Engagement is just as important as your follower count, as this is what will convince your prospective customers to keep coming back and to recommend you to their friends. The great thing about social media in this respect, as opposed to simply having a website, is the ease with which you can converse directly with your customer base in real-time, whether through post comments, instant messaging or even polls. This can double as market research too. If you show you’re a human business that cares about the individual and their needs rather than being just about profit, you’re sure to see positive results in the longer term.  
  1. Your Competitors are Already on There

Yes, that’s right, so many businesses now have social media pages that consumers are just as likely to search there as on a web search engine, and therefore could miss you completely. You could be the best company in the world, but unless you’re the number one result on Google, if your competitors are ahead of the game when it comes to promoting their brand and their services on other websites, you’ll sadly fall behind.

The Bottom Line

Social media is everywhere in 2022, and it’s no longer focused solely on individuals posting photos of their food or their cat. As with everything, building your brand on social media isn’t without its risks, but the positives far outweigh the negatives, and The Creative Agency can help you decide on the most effective posting and platform options for your individual business needs. Contact us on 01469 574947 or