What’s Trending in 2020 for Graphic Design Agencies?

As you have probably noticed, the past few years in design have been dominated by bold colours, mind-bending gradients, and futuristic compositions But in 2020, the graphic design world is going to feel a lot more reserved, harmonious, and natural. It sounds like a contradiction, but simplicity will definitely shout loudest during 2020. The trend goes wider than graphic and brand design and relates to consumer behaviour. It’s something Apple has pioneered over the years, not only in the usability of its products but also through its packaging and brand position. This idea of space is everything. And it’s not only about simple design but simple communication. At The Creative Agency our team are always looking for inspiration to create new exciting designs to keep our clients in the lead of an ever growing competitive market place. We have always believed that less is more, however there are so many other factors to consider, for instance, does a simple design reflect our clients true personality and values, because although we totally agree that a simple design may look the part, we also have to be careful to make sure a this particular design will be received well by its audience. The average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions a day. American Psychologist George Mellor said that ‘seven plus or minus two’ bits of information is all we can comfortably be aware of at any one time. He said that in 1956. Add today’s multi-media onslaught, which well known to be distracting and hugely diminishing on our attention spans. It’s a noisy world. Nearly every brand we connect with now needs to be very simple and it needs to make its message crystal clear. According to what’s trending simplicity will be, in both design and communications, 2020s biggest trend. We feel that to truly hit the mark with inspirational design and branding we have to capture all that is great about our clients, mould this with a look that is going to inspire their future clients. By combining simplicity with a sound knowledge of how our clients need to be perceived we are looking forward to bringing our valued clients up to date across all their media requirements. Please get in touch … So to stay ahead of the curve, be sure to check out our testimonials.

Working through the Coronavirus

It’s a challenging time for all of us during Covid-19 and that includes the team here at The Creative Agency. We are now all working from our individual homes and trying to work the best way we can to keep going, keep our clients happy and stay positive. It’s quite strange to work alone even though we do have lots of communication through Skype and Microsoft Teams, however when you are used to working as a close-nit team, it’s never quite the same. During normal times, our studio is always buzzing with lots of singing and laughter all day long. Even during tight deadlines, we are happy souls and there is never a dull moment. We are tremendously grateful for the on-going support from our lovely clients and really don’t know how we would survive this without you, so a big shout out to all our clients, we hope you hear us! Here’s looking forward to staying safe, working hard and returning to normality (singing as we know it).