First Impressions Count, Especially Online: Here’s How To Make A Good One

First impressions do count. Especially online. In fact, when a potential client or customer lands on your website, you’ve got a matter of seconds to make a good impression. Research varies, but it’s good practice to assume you’ve got in the region of 15 seconds. That’s what one major website monitoring company suggests is the average time someone spends when browsing a website. So that’s how long you’ve got to make your first impression. It’s a bit worrying, isn’t it? Worse still – in a lot of cases, that’s probably being generous. It’s why it’s so important your website strikes the right chord as soon as a potential customer or client visits. To help you figure out if your website is doing pulling its weight, we’ve outlined the three most fundamental questions you can ask of it.

How To Make A Good First Impression

Of course, there are many other factors that go into making a good first impression. But, in our experience, these are the three most fundamental questions you can ask of your website when considering the impression it’s making on your customers and clients:

Is The Design Clean And Clear?

Your website needs to look modern, clean and clear. In the Internet age, there is simply no excuse for a shoddy looking website. Remember, your website represents your business to your potential customers and clients. If it’s scruffy, badly designed and difficult to navigate – that’s how people will think about your business too.

Is The Copy Engaging And Customer-Focused?

The words on your website matter. Hugely. After an initial scan of the website from a design point of view, a potential customer or client is going to read the message you’ve chosen to share. If that message is wrong or isn’t made clearly, you’re finished. It’s why your message must be eye-catching, but it also needs to focus on the visitor. It needs to quickly tell them they’re in the right place at just the right time. But be careful…don’t just tell them what you do – tell them how you can help.

Is Your Website Updated Regularly?

Once you’ve got the design and copy sorted, one of the biggest mistakes people make is to leave the website to look after itself. By doing this you run the risk of your message becoming stale, content looking old and potential customers and clients thinking you’re not active or moving with the times. It’s important to regularly review your website and update it with fresh content and copy, and even refresh the design now and then. Indeed, keep an eye on these three elements and you won’t go too far wrong. Of course, here at The Creative Agency, it’s exactly these fundamental elements we initially analyse when we start working with any new client. So, if you think your website might be letting you down at the first hurdle and you’d like some help to make the kind of first impression that always wins business…get in touch. You can reach us directly on 01469 574947 or email here.