Launching clubhectare to the next level

The Creative Agency is very proud to announce the launch of clubhectare's brand new and first website. clubhectare was formed in 2013 from a group of farmers and industry professionals who wanted to utilise social media to share farming ideas. Wanting to take clubhectare to the next level, it became a members’ organisation dedicated to promoting agriculture and food production, and forging business and social links between members and the wider community. The vision for clubhectare was to have an exclusive online meeting place for the professional exchange of thoughts and ideas, not just on farming, but the wider agricultural and rural way of life. The Creative Agency team worked very closely with the committee to ensure the website hit their brief and we are all very pleased with the result. Clubhectares new website has public pages for non-members to get a feel for what clubhectare is about and see all the latest tweets and news but the most important part of the site for the clubhectare team was a private forum for the members to take part in discussions and keep forging links and friendships that make up such an important part of the group. The forum is easy to use, clear, clean and can be maintained and moderated with minimal effort. Since the big launch at the agricultural machinery show in Newark the forum has hundreds of users and membership just keeps growing. It has been a real pleasure working with the team at clubhectare and would like to thank them for allowing us to accompany them on their journey to the next level of growth. See the new website at